Why Choose H&F Bread Co.



Our Experience and Quality


H&F was started in 2008 to fill a niche, supplying Great Bread to restaurants who wanted “To enhance the dining experience with artisan baked goods of the highest quality and consistency with a focus on food safety and compliance”.  Today that is our Mission Statement.  Starting with a single baker and three assistants in 2008 operating in an 1,800-square foot facility, we have expanded to a staff of more than 130 Employees with three Head Bakers and four Baking Managers operating twenty-four hours a day seven day a week in a 50,000-square foot facility.  Between our General Manager, VP of Operations, Head Bakers, and Baking Managers, we have more than 300 years of baking experience. Our new 50,000-square foot facility located at 1500 Marietta Boulevard, Atlanta, GA 30318 features state-of-the-art equipment imported from Europe along with expanded Proofer, Retarding and Freezing capabilities.  In addition, we can maintain distinct temperature zones between Production, Baking and Packing which is critical to delivering the best possible products.  

To meet the ever-increasing demands on our products and to expand our distribution throughout the Southeast and beyond, H&F has launched a “Fresh Frozen” product line with Individual Quick Frozen (“IQF”) machines.  The results of these tests proved that several of our products can go through an IQF process thawed out and taste as great as our fresh products.  What does this mean for our Partners?

  • H&F will maintain some of our best-selling products frozen so that we will be able to meet last minute demands of our Partners that book last minute parties or catering events.
  • H&F products can be shipped frozen to locations outside of Georgia and our remote Partners can serve artisan bread products to their customers.

Quality Control Audit Process

Our success can be directly related to the quality and consistency of the products we produce.  To insure we maintain our artisan product quality as we expand our Partner base, we:

  • Test for product shelf life,
  • Reviewing all products on a Quarterly basis for taste, smell, and visual appeal,
  • Evaluating our packaging processes to identify the best process for transporting our products,
  • Meeting with Partners to discuss product storage and rotation to insure our products are kept fresh and safe, and
  • Working with our Partners on alternative uses for our products that are beyond optimum intended use.

Our Product Commitment

Our all-natural products are made with the finest ingredients available.  We pride ourselves in baking fresh products with zero additives to extend shelf life.  We will always strive to offer the finest Artisan products in the world. 

Food Safety

When deciding on your food suppliers, many factors contribute to the decision you make. Depending on what kind of product you need, certain factors may be more important than others, but food, safety is a factor that should be at the top of your list. One of the simplest ways to find out if a potential partner is operating under best practices for food handling and distribution is to request their food safety certifications. H&F is a SQF Level 2 Facility.  SQF stands for Safe Quality Food and the Level 2 Certification includes food safety fundamentals and a HACCP approach to managing risks and hazards.

SQF Certifications are recognized by GFSI (Global Food Safety Initiative) and gives you the recognition you need to supply products to leading manufacturers, restaurants and retailers worldwide. Increasingly Consumers are asking for GFSI recognized certification. Both food processors and food packaging manufacturers are becoming certified to meet customer demands and stay competitive.

Our Passion

H&F produces approximately 300 different products daily to meet the needs of our Partners and we are constantly evaluating new products to meet our Partner’s demands in the marketplace.  As we continue to grow, we will add automation to our processes not to replace our employees, but to improve the quality and consistency of our products.  H&F want to be recognized as a “Scalable Artisan” Bakery with the ability to expand with constant improvement to our Product Quality.